Sunday, June 21, 2009

She loves her daddy!

The picture below was taken earlier this week as Kevin was mowing our grass. It is our little girl blowing a kiss to her daddy as he rounded the corner. This little one loves her daddy so much. But what isn't there to love?! He makes time for her. He loves her unconditionally. He seeks her out. She feels safe with him. He explores with her. He instructs her. He disciplines her. He sings to her. He dances with her. He laughs with her and his heart breaks when hers breaks. It is a joy for me to watch them together. I love that Anna asks to call daddy throughout the workday. But I love even more that her daddy takes the time to talk to her. I love that he chooses to eat lunch with us most days. I love that after a long day at work he comes home and is selfless with his time. I love that going to the pool means spending time with his little girl doing what she wants to do. He is anything but a bystander in raising Anna.
I love that in the midst of trying to cut the grass he will take the time to get her down from the front steps to empty the grass clippings in our neighbor's yard so Anna can see the water fountain she loves. Yet again to show Anna a dandelion.

And to teach her to blow the petals far and wide.
Happy Father's Day Kevin. You make it look easy! Thanks for showing our little one and myself what our Heavenly Father's love looks like.
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Days!

**somehow this post got lost in the mix and the pictures have been sitting as a draft for over a week now. i finally took the time to write the post. oops.**
Several months ago the neighborhood pool where I spent my summer days growing up was running a special that was just too good to pass up. That particular weekend several of our favorite families joined the pool as well. I was so excited that weekend. It was like Christmas morning as I knew it would be such a treat for me to be at the pool with my friends and Anna's friends.
So, most days you can find Anna here...
often with a paint brush in hand or watering pitcher

but come the weekend or evenings you will find her in here with her daddy (the "big pool" as she says)

and a pool trip for Anna is never complete without lots of time in a chair, "watching" those around her and eating a snack. This girl can do some people watching. She spends over half her time at the pool just observing those around her. It makes it REALLY nice for her pregnant mommy!
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A happy mommy!

This mommy got a BIG surprise from a Fed Ex delivery man late Saturday afternoon. Unbeknown to me, my husband, quite some time ago, ordered me a new camera and two lenses. It just took a while to arrive. You see, it is something I have been talking about, researching and putting in an online shopping cart for some time and then deciding to hold off. My husband knew I would never actually "check out" with my birthday present as it is a rather big purchase, so he made the decision for me. He knows me too well. I am super excited. Can you tell...

Here are just a few shots from using it today for the first time.

Wonder who will be my subject as I learn to use this camera?!
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Monday, June 1, 2009

Her favorite ride...

the vacuum!
Yes, Anna loves it when mommy vacuums. The only thing is, she is getting a little heavy to pull around.
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