Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baby Update- 35 weeks and counting

Yesterday was a whirlwind. Amy went to the doctor to get checked on Thursday. She is currently 35 weeks along. She did not feel good after the appointment and slept poorly all night. She had fever and chills and felt as if she was going into labor first thing Friday morning, also having nausea. We called the doctor and they wanted us to come into the office first. The doctor said there was no change in the progression since Thursday. She was still 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. They did a non-stress test and sent us home after determining everything seemed fine despite not much movement from the baby. Amy still felt horrible and we ended up calling the doctor later Friday night when her temperature had gone back up to 103 and since she was feeling so bad.
The doctor wanted us to come in due to concern of infection, although he wasn't sure where the infection was, either Amy or the baby. We got to the hospital last night just before 10:00pm and had to wait a bit before we were seen. They checked Amy out and put her in a temporary, and uncomfortable room. Amy was feeling horrible at that point and time. Her blood pressure was very low, heart was racing, and the baby had an elevated heartbeat as well. The blood work came back with white blood cell count that was more than double normal, which confirmed an infection. They did a catheterization to check the urine, which came back clear. All this time Amy wasn't progressing into labor like she did with the Anna & Aiden. Thus he didn't know if the baby was in danger and needed to be delivered, but he also didn't want to deliver a premature baby. The doctor was in consultation with a specialist at Wake Forest in which they reviewed the past pregnancies as well, knowing there were 3 options; start labor, do antibiotics, or do an amniocentesis. They didn't feel like antibiotics were a good option since they didn't know exactly what they were treating. They decided to try doing an amniocentesis but could not locate a large enough pocket of fluid so they ended up not doing the procedure. This was a blessing as Amy was very concerned about having the procedure done with potential risk to the baby, which could end up sending Amy into emergency labor and having a C-section. They did a chest x-ray to be sure nothing else was going on. They consulted the specialist again and decided to start Amy on antibiotics. They finally admitted us and we got into the antenatal room around 5am. We were able to get about 3 hours of sleep. Amy initially was feeling much better today. She is not having any contractions and does not appear to be in labor. The white blood count has gone down but is higher than normal and baby's heartbeat is higher than they'd like to see but not high enough to induce labor. They want to be very cautious to make sure there is no harm to the baby. They said Amy would be staying in the hospital at least until tomorrow and will continue to receive antibiotics. Her fever has since come back which means she will not be coming home tomorrow. It keeps coming and going. Her heart rate is elevated still as is the baby’s. We are not sure if they will want to induce labor or just keep monitoring. We are hoping the baby will stay in utero longer and that Amy will be able to come home soon. We appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and for Amy to feel better soon.