Saturday, May 8, 2010

His turn!

Yes, there is another little one in our house. And he has been up to his own fun. For a while now he has been mobile. At the end of March he finally learned to roll from his back to his stomach. He had been rolling from his stomach to his back for quite some time. Once he got this down he began to really move. He was able to move from one end of a room to another just by rolling. However, at the end of April he began to crawl and he has perfected it. He can get anywhere he wants now and he loves to crawl over things. Not to mention he is pulling up on everything. His crib has even had to be lowered. However, unlike his sister did at first, he has no problem getting down once he pulls up on something. There have definitely been some good tumbles. He's made momma's heart race a few times.
Here's a glimpse of him on the move. Just this week I put him down on the floor in his room. Moments later he was down the hall and headed for his sister's room.
Making his way into Anna's room...

Target in sight...

Pulling up....

Moving around to the front....
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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Her actual birthday!

We have celebrated this sweet girl a good bit. But yesterday was her day. She started her morning with a date. Around 8:30am her daddy came home from work to take her to her favorite breakfast spot...Chick-fil-A. Daddy even took a candle and matches and sang, "happy birthday" to her as she blew out the candle on her biscuit.

Leaving for her date.

I had planned on cooking one of Anna's favorite meals for dinner... homemade spaghetti. However, on Sunday night when we were talking about tomorrow being her birthday she shared very matter of fact that she wanted to eat dinner at "Carolina" (Cafe Carolina) and have soup. She has only eaten soup there once but I guess it made a huge impression on her. So that is exactly what we did. And it could not have been a more perfect evening as we sat within eyesight of another family who had a child close to Anna's age and one close to Aiden's age. Anna spent the majority of her meal watching that particular family. She loved every minute of it! She is a people watcher like her momma.

We then headed to the toy store for Anna to walk around and then home to play outside for a bit. Here is our now three-year-old showing you exactly how old she is! She definitely doesn't make it easy on herself to hold up three fingers!
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Birthday fun at the Goat Lady!

Sunday was Opening Day at the Goat Lady Farm . We went last year as a family and Anna loved it. This year several of our favorite families met us out there to enjoy the festivities and to celebrate Anna. We had some fun cookies, sang "happy birthday," sampled the cheeses, played with the animals and enjoyed a hot Sunday afternoon on a farm. All the children's faces were bright red by the end of the afternoon but all were smiling nonetheless.
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Bam Bam!

It's your birthday sweet girl!

A recent conversation with Anna...
Anna: "Who made my body?"
Me: "Jesus"
Anna: "He bam bam?!" (insinuating he used a hammer to put her together)

He surely bammed bammed you just perfectly! Hard to believe it was three years ago today. We couldn't imagine life without you. We love you on your third birthday and always!
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Late afternoon fun...

heading to the pool with daddy!
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It's May!

Well, I have to say I am not completely caught up on my blogging. But my mad dash to get to some posts was because May was approaching, which meant we would soon have a three-year-old in our house. That's right! This is Anna's birthday weekend. Kevin said this morning that he was pretty sure I was more excited about her birthday than she was. I am not so sure that's true but I am excited to be spending time with our sweet two-year-old before she turns THREE on Monday! Hoping to finish catching up later today (famous last words) on some of our past happenings. But I thought I would give you a glimpse of our morning, which kicked off the weekend of celebrating Anna. It started out with blueberry muffins, a favorite of Anna's but only second to blueberry scones (she is her momma's daughter). We then headed to Rudd Farm where we picked our first basket full of strawberries for the season and of course ate plenty along the way! YUMMY!
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