Saturday, July 28, 2007

12 Weeks

Our precious daughter reached the age of 12 weeks on Thursday. It is amazing how quickly she is growing up. She becomes more interactive every day. She can really focus on objects and people. She is also starting to develop a little bit of a laugh to go along with her gorgeous smile. At our last visit to the doctor she was 10 lbs 8oz & 23" long. She has gone back to nursing completely, which is a huge relief. Amy just has to avoid all lactose, but it's worth it to not be mixing up formula. Anna continues to keep her mommy & daddy on their toes. She does not like to have lack of entertainment or attention. To get her down to sleep is a process and also involves MANY trips back to soothe her to sleep often because of gas pains. :) She is not the biggest fan of her carseat (thankfully if she is in the car she will tolerate it as long as we are moving) , and doesn't like to allow Mom to take her for walks in her stroller but does lover her Baby Bjorn. You can't rock sweet Anna fast enough or hard enough. The more she is bounced the better. It has been a learning experience as well as a big change. We cannot take her out to dinner or even to the grocery store because she doesn't like to sit still in her carseat . She prefers to be held. She does love to snuggle or neslte on her mommy and daddy's shoulder. Despite the challenges it is all worth it. She is a wonderful little girl and so full of life. We're ready for her to start speaking her first words...."Go Heels" (See picture below)
Being rocked to sleep by Grandmommy
Playtime on her Baby Einstein play mat
Her inquisitive look at her very first picnic (thanks uncle Todd for my new outfit)
Being rocked to sleep by Granny

Getting to meet Great Aunt Hannah
Meeting cousin Allison for the first time
Hannah, Allison, & Jeff on the porch
Watching TV with Grandpa
Go Tarheels, down with those Wolfpuppies
All smiles (Doesn't my Uncle Todd have great taste, another polo outfit he sent me)
Madison, Ollie, & Anna basking in the sun...OK actually the shade

Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's Hard To Say Goodbye

We have been trying to find new homes for our cats since before Anna was born. They have been GREAT pets, but we knew they would get into everything of hers, which they have. We had called about every organization that exists:
SPCA, Feral Cat Assistance Program, Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Animal Rescue & Foster, Cat Clinic of Greensboro, Lawndale Vet, Cobb Vet, University Animal Hospital, Snowflakes Animal Rescue, Willow Run, CARE for Animals, Chatham Animal Rescue, Feral Cat Friends, SAFE Haven for Cats, Second Chance, Friends Forever, Best Friend, Project Smiley, All Pets Considered, Petsmart, Petland, Freecycle, Craigslist, Greensboro News & Record. Not to mention Sharon (Amy's mom) asking people at Food Lion, Harris Teeter, & Starbucks. We weren't sure we would ever find a home for them. Finally we were able to get each of them a new home this past weekend. We had received several calls from the advertisement placed in the newspaper and we called them all back when we returned home from the lake. Only one of the families interested actually came over and immediately fell in love with Tucker. They wanted to take him then and there, but we wanted to be able to say our goodbye's, so I took him over later that afternoon. That same day Katharine (an old Young Life friend of Amy's), who lives in Charleston, called wanting Tyson. She is only off on Sun & Mon so we arranged to have Dionne (another one of Amy's Young Life girls) drive him down on Monday to Charlotte to meet up and make the exchange. We were very sad about them departing and have shed a few tears. We have not received a phone call from the family wanting to send Tucker back. However, Katharine had to quickly find a temporary home for Tyson when her roomate threatened to kick her out. It has been a bit crazy, but we know that they will have good homes.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


This past week Amy and I enjoyed our first full week of vacation in almost 4 years. We decided to just take it easy up at Smith Mountain Lake. We were able to get some much needed rest and relaxation.

Here we are resting....
and resting....and relaxing...and relaxing some more. Feeling much better after getting on a regular sleeping schedule of 10:30PM to 5:30AM.

Happy Fourth of July!!! Look how patriotic I am. Mommy & Anna enjoying some QT together.
Grandpa Alvin showing off his skills at washers.
Grandmommy & Anna rocking on the porch.Auntie MB and her friend Katie.
Uncle Todd down from NY. (check out his UNC shirt- who new he was a Tarheel fan)
Soon to be Uncle Carlos.

Alvin & Carlos fighting to knock each other off of the tubes.
Todd the reigning "Tube War" champ with his friend Elam.