Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 4

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Day 3

We didn't have the camera out as much on Day 3, but here are a few shots from the late afternoon. We have used this rented double jogging stroller (or as Anna refers to any jogging stroller as the "noggin" stroller) much more than we could have anticipated. Aiden especially has spent a good bit of time in it, even sitting in it while it is parked and everyone else is playing in the sand and water.
This mound of sand or the "mountain" known to Anna has entertained her quite a bit. It was even standing this morning when we woke, which only meant it would be added to throughout the day, getting even bigger.
Finally, let loose from the stroller. We can't get over how much this little one loves the sand and water.
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 2

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Day 1

Technically these are from Day 2 of our beach week with Granny and PaPa, but Day 1 consisted of traveling and getting settled. I might add, both of these went much smoother than I had imagined. We still have the continuation of Aiden's birthday, dance lessons, the arrival of the swing set and labor day pictures. However, I thought this might be a great way to capture this week, posting some of my favorite pictures at the end of each day. It is only the first day and it was almost impossible to only pick four. Looking at these first two of Anna, I realize just how old my baby is getting. Highlights for Anna: Rocking in a perfect size rocking chair, just for her.
Looking for seashells with Granny and running on the open beach. Highlights not pictured: Opening Aiden's birthday presents, swimming in the pool (she is able to swim from one end to the other), having more pool toys than you can possibly imagine, showering in an outdoor shower and venturing in the ocean with daddy.
Highlights for Aiden: Sand, Water, Sand, Water! He LOVED it all. He spent the morning in the pool, floating around. The afternoon was spent on the beach. He squealed when he saw the ocean and held his hand up as if he was waving to it. He went straight for the water and was not intimidated by the waves splashing on him. He also spent a good bit of time in his baby pool on the beach. He was perfectly content sitting in there with a few toys and several seashells.
Another highlight for Aiden is having a perfect set-up for him to play. Our living area could not be more conducive to children. Aiden opened, well really Anna, but Aiden enjoyed his birthday presents from Granny and PaPa. And of course, a highlight that is not pictured is a morning and early evening stroller ride on the beach.
Highlights for mommy: Time on the beach with Kevin while both children napped (woo hoo for monitors that work on the beach), walks on the beach, one-on-one time with both of my children and my husband (a rare occurrence for sure) and having PaPa prepare all of our dinners (woo hoo for someone who considers cooking a hobby!) It's going to be a great week!
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

His day!

Last Sunday we celebrated Aiden's first birthday. We decided not to have a big party as we did for his sister, but instead asked friends and family to speak words of truth into our sweet boy's life by sending a short note, scripture or prayer. It is our prayer that one day he will know our Father and we thought of no better way to spur him on than to gain wisdom from those who have walked ahead of him. It is our pray that he would grow up to be a tender warrior for our Lord and a man that asks for wisdom as James 1:5 says. We of course celebrated as a family. There are plenty of family photos that will come soon but these are pictures of Aiden and how he spent his 1st birthday as well as insight into his little life these days. From left to right and top to bottom:
1)Having a birthday waffle. Yes, he did stick his little finger in the candle as he was trying to grab the waffle. Aiden does not mess around with food. Once it is placed on his tray, it is quickly picked up. And like everyone in our family he LOVES his carbohydrates! Although, most food is shoved into his mouth he actually does chew up his food very well. He just stuffs his mouth before the chewing begins.
2) Pushing his tractor. Aiden LOVES pushing anything with wheels and will turn most anything into a push toy, even a package of diapers that slides nicely across our tile kitchen floor. Notice this small tractor became a means for Aiden to walk from one room to another. He has not mastered walking without the assistance of a toy, but I have never seen a child use toys and especially his push toys that are intended for walking to get from one place to another.
3) Eating cooked carrots. One of his favorites. Other favorites: bananas, grapes, watermelon, peaches, applesauce, cheerios, cheese, yogurt, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, beans-black, kidney, pinto and each morning he eats a bowl of oatmeal with fruit added as well as the much desired mini earth's best waffles. Anna ate so many of these that when I went to buy them for Aiden I almost teared up when I saw the box. Aiden is much more of a picker eater than Anna was at this age, which makes meal time a little more tricky.
4) Taking his afternoon nap. Aiden still takes a solid morning nap and afternoon nap. Both are usually around an hour and a half to two hours. As soon as you lay him down in his crib he makes his way to the corner and buries his head in his bumper. Many days he wakes up with the indention's of his crib on his forehead.
5) Opening presents. As you will see in the family photos this was not a huge hit for Aiden. He could have cared less about opening the presents but his sister on the other hand could not wait to open them.
6) Being shown some of his new toys by none other than his sister.
7) Being sung to! We sung a whole lot of "happy birthday" on August 29th. Not necessarily for Aiden but because Anna thought everything Aiden ate as well as hers needed a candle, the song sung and the candle blown out. She tried to carry it over to Monday but the big day was done.
8) DEVOURING the cake! (this was new to us as Anna wanted nothing to do with her first birthday cake)
9) Shoveling the cake and icing into his mouth.
10) Thrilled with the cake!
11) Looking for more cake! (what is not pictured is Aiden getting upset when there was no more cake)
12) Playing with some of his new toys!
13) Sliding on our "new" to us swing set (more on that later).
14) Hopping down from the swing and making laps around the yard with daddy. Aiden loves to be outside and is perfectly content sitting in the grass. He entertains himself with the acorns and grass but is thrilled to make a lap every now and again.
15) Taking a ride in the Cozy Coupe. Since this shot, Aiden has spent a good bit of time in the Cozy Coupe while Anna is on the swing set. He is thrilled to just sit in the car as she plays.
16) Stroller ride. Of course his day would not have been complete without a stroller ride as he does love his walks. He actually got a morning and evening one on his birthday.
17) Ready for bed! Aiden really loves being in his crib these days. When waking in the morning or from his naps he will just roll around. We hear him babbling away and he is content to stay and play. Often after his morning nap if you go in to get him too soon he will arch his back and reach to be put back into his crib to roll around some more. He gave us the best birthday present a few weeks ago when he decided he would sleep in for an hour or more each morning. We are loving that we do not see the 6am hour. 7:30 am or later is much more pleasant. However, most mornings daddy doesn't get to see either of our children before he heads out for work.
18) Worn out. When his fingers go in his mouth he is ready for his bed!
It is hard for me to believe that our little boy is a one-year-old. He is truly a delight. He brings joy to us daily. We love you sweet Aiden.
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