Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How big?!

Not quite big enough for mommy's shoes but we did discover last week at Anna's 15-month check-up that she has had a growth spurt and is in the 90% for height and the 50% for weight. Anna continues to love shoes and has even mastered slipping on mommy's or daddy's and marches around without falling. It is quite a sight, as they are HUGE on her.
Big enough to feed herself some yogurt.
Digging in for the last little bit.
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Sunday, August 17, 2008


For a while now, Anna has been waving and saying "bye-bye" when people depart her presence or we depart theirs. However, just recently she has grasped the whole concept of packing up and leaving. When playing with her toys she will pack up her bucket, fling it over her shoulder and march around the house saying, "bye-bye." I guess she knows a good mommy or daddy never leaves the house empty handed. You always should have at least one bag or in her case, bucket packed with goodies.

SMA...Saturday Morning Adventures! This weekend we contemplated heading out of town or venturing over to the Wyndham Championship. Instead we stayed in town and had no real agenda. It was by far one of our favorite Saturdays we have had this summer in town. We decided to head over to High Point where there was a huge consignment sale. We did not have high hopes of finding anything as it was the third day of the sale but being the last day it also meant that items were 1/2 off! We did not leave empty handed but instead bought 4-5 pairs of pants and 4-5 tops, each were less than $2.00, many being a $1.00. Kevin's favorite find were a pair of New Balances for Anna. They are too cute. We then headed to Carter Brothers for a late breakfast. Anna loved the fact that she was eating breakfast number 2 at 10am (pictured above). Anna slept for almost three hours when we got home. Daddy was able to take a nap while mommy was pampered with a pedicure with the birthday girl, Becca. We spent our evening eating outside with good friends and strolling the streets of downtown. Not to mention a trip to Target and Babies R Us were had during the day too. It was a productive day but a restful, fruitful day being together.

Our sweet girl.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

No more...

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high chair or tray on her booster chair. Anna has decided she is ready to sit at the table and eat from a plate. This week as I was making dinner, Kevin tapped me on the shoulder to look around at our daughter who had climbed into the kitchen chair on her own. She had turned around and was sitting on her bottom, almost as if she was waiting to be served. She is growing up!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Five years ago Kevin and I were dating and on our way to being engaged. It was the summer of 2003 and we were heading to Frontier Ranch, a Young Life camp in Colorado (where on top of the mountain he would tell me that he loved me and our plans for a short engagement and soon-to-be wedding day in November would unfold). However, before heading out to Colorado, Kevin surprised me with a getaway to Wrightsville Beach. It was my first overnight trip to Wrightsville Beach and my first trip to Vic and Susan's beach house. It quickly became one of our favorite places to visit as our hosts are simply the best! This year was a real treat as we got to watch Anna explore this new territory. Although we went to the beach last year she was too young to remember the sand and surf. Timid at first, Anna was unsure of the sand on her toes and especially her hands. But this quickly passed as she collected sea shells, chased the seagulls, splashed in the waterhole her daddy dug for her, giggled with delight as the waves crashed around her and relaxed in her beach chair. We soaked in the sun, swam in the ocean, read, walked the Loop, walked the beach, ate lots and lots of yummy food (Anna even had her first hotdog from the Trolley Stop, well turkey dog), spent quality time on the porch, had great conversations and all while being with some of our favorite people. There were simply too many pictures to choose from so I decided to post a slideshow of some of our favorites.