Saturday, February 19, 2011

The progression...

We are loving this warmer weather and the longer days. It means that daddy gets a little bit of time outside with us when he gets home from work and before dinner. It also means that daddy encourages Aiden to learn new tricks that mommy would never encourage because now this little man is going to have to be watched like a hawk in our backyard. In the first picture daddy is showing Aiden he too can make it up the climbing wall to the slide like his big sister Anna.

Surveying the scene.


Now making his way on his own.
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Progression Continued...

Almost to the top and so serious.

His other new trick...swinging from the wood piece at the top of the slide.

And then this is what all the work was for....a slide down with his big sister.
(Yes, that is a small boo boo on Aiden's head. He fell head first down our concrete back door steps and did not shed a tear. However, as he continues to bump it or as we bump it tears are surely shed.)
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dancing in the Minefields...

This morning these decorations greeted me in our kitchen. I had a full weekend with lots of fun events that kept me away from our house a good bit and Kevin at home solo with Anna and Aiden. Of course he took full advantage of his time with the children and graciously allowed me to play. He and Anna spent some time making these hearts, even hearts of garland were streamed from our light fixture. Anna even cut out her own hearts. And then there were Valentine cards for both Anna and myself. Such a fun way to restart our morning after it had originally started by being abruptly woken because clothes and sheets were wet and needed changing.
Kevin being intentional during his one-on-one time with Anna and Aiden is just one of the many reasons I love him. Below is one of the Christmas crafts he worked on during the weekends leading up to Christmas with the children. LOVE them. The Christmas trees are made-up of both Anna and Aiden's hands. Anna sat with her daddy as they both worked hard to complete them.
I came across this song on a friend's blog. It spoke to my heart and mirrors much of our journey. We have been in the minefields and in the storms. But with God's grace I think we are learning to dance and sail in those places. Without a doubt it was harder than we both dreamed but I don't think either of us would change where He has brought us because we know the last lines of this song to be true.

"Cause he promised not to leave us
And his promises are true
So in the face of all the chaos, baby,
I can dance with you."

Wouldn't want to be dancing with anyone else. Happy Valentine's Day Kevin.

Friday, February 11, 2011

A doctor...

and her patient. My laid back little boy has had a rough few days as six plus teeth are trying to make their way into his mouth. According to Kevin, it could possibly be eight. Aiden got teeth early but since the arrival of those top front and bottom front teeth he has had none to speak of...until this week. He has been in pain and he has been fussy. Whew. Little makes him happy, except a trip to see his favorite doctor. Anna got out the prized doctor kit as we were trying to make it to his AM nap this morning. My children LOVE this kit. Aiden sat completely still and perfectly content as Anna did a thorough check-up, even including a manicure as she cut all his nails. He held up his hand as she went through each finger. He looked away or down the entire time. He was so serious and Anna was so focused. If only we could get him to sit this still when daddy tries to cut his nails. It is because Anna spends so much time using the stethoscope on Aiden that he will finally not cry when our pediatrician makes his way with his stethoscope to Aiden's little chest or back. Aiden of course had to listen to Anna's chest as well. I am pretty sure this is the only time my children smile when they are getting a shot. And I left out the picture when Anna looked in Aiden's ears. Although no one was harmed, it surely appeared that the instrument being used was a little too far down his ear. It wasn't, but the picture misrepresents the doctor. And Aiden highly recommends this doctor and manicurist!
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Daddy/Daughter Date! This past Saturday Kevin and Anna had a special daddy/daughter outing. The Chick-fil-As in our area were having a daddy/daughter Valentine dinner complete with reservations, placemats, a hostess to seat you, a waitress to take your order as well as to serve you at your table and to top it all off sundaes with an assortment of toppings. Anna had been waiting all week for this special time with her daddy. She had searched her closet for the perfect dress earlier in the week. She was so excited about getting "all pretty." So excited that it was hard to snap shots of this little girl. Although, the last picture is blurry it depicts the evening for Anna. She was literally jumping up and down as she and her daddy made their way to the car. When I asked her about the evening she remarked on how there were questions on their placemats for each of them to answer. I am surely thankful that Anna has a daddy that wants to pursue her and wants to spend one-on-one time with her to get to know her heart. I am thankful too that although Kevin did not need the questions on the placemats that Chick-fil-A wants to encourage that relationship between daddies and daughters. Anna had fun listening to her daddy answer his questions and of course Kevin said our little one was thoroughly enamored by the other daddies and daughters that sat near them. She is our people watcher or often even engaging them in conversation!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


are of course for cutting coupons. We were at lunch yesterday with some friends and the mommies were talking about crafts for little ones. We happened to talk about scissors at one point and Anna shared with one of the mommies that scissors were also used to cut coupons. Cutting coupons just happened to be on my list of things to do today. However, I thought Anna would be working on her numbers while I sorted through the coupons. I should have known better as this girl doesn't want to miss an opportunity to be a little mommy and she surely loves to cut those coupons. I pass on the fliers to Anna once I have out all the needed coupons. Notice her purse strap. She stores all her coupons in her purse, which she then takes to the store when we make a grocery run because of course we use her coupons too when purchasing items. ;)

She has mastered cutting on the dotted line. If only I could get her to know the coupons we need and don't need. One day. But I am sure when that day comes, cutting coupons will not be nearly as exciting.
Cleaning up her mess and heading to dump it all in the recycle.

She worked so hard this morning that by the end she shared with me that her neck was hurting. I guess from leaning over and concentrating so hard. She is a hard worker! It is tough being a mommy or pretending to be one. Just today at lunch she asked me if I liked cleaning our kitchen floor? Guess she is ready to tackle that chore next. ;)
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