Monday, August 31, 2009

Feeding Update...

Kevin and I recently returned from a sweet late night visit with Aiden. He was just finishing his 9pm feeding when we arrived. It was probably his best feeding all day. He struggled through his 3 and 6pm feeding. At midnight they are increasing his feeding amount and then again at 9am. He seems to do his best feeding in the evening hours so the nurse anticipates it being difficult when they up the quantity these next two times, especially the 9am feeding. One of the things the doctors want him to do before heading home is to be eating more. The feeding tube is still in Aiden in case he does not finish these next bottles as they increase the amount. Praying that is not the case. Thanks for all the love and encouragement we have felt from so many.

Feeding Tube

A feeding tube was put in earlier this morning. When Kevin was there with him this AM he was not taking his 9am feed as well as he had been. They are still trying to feed him using the bottle but have the feeding tube in as well. Pray that Aiden would take a bottle and would not need the feeding tube. I will be heading there shortly to spend some time with him. Hopefully he will take his 3pm feeding all from a bottle.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

An update...

Here is Aiden resting sweetly after the CPAP was removed earlier this afternoon. They put him on his tummy to help drain the fluid. Will he follow in his sister's footsteps and be a tummy sleeper?! As you can see his IV is in his scalp. Early this morning he pulled his IV out of his arm, which became infected so they ended up putting the IV in his scalp where he would be less likely to interfere with it.
One of the first things Aiden's nurse shared with us this morning is that he was very upset most of the night as they would not feed him. They wanted him to only have sugar water for a while as they were monitoring everything. Mid-morning he was able to receive his first bottle from what Amy is pumping. Mommy was able to feed him his second one later this afternoon and below is a picture of daddy feeding him a bottle this evening. As long as he continues to take the entire bottle they will not have to put a feeding tube in him. He took his first bottle very well. A little prompting was needed for his last two. We are praying a feeding tube will not be needed.
A special visitor came to see Mommy in the hospital today. Aiden's big sister was a little confused yesterday and today as to why mommy was in a bed (not at home) and why no baby was with her. No one under 18 is allowed in the NICU but we did take Anna by the baby nursery at the hospital to show her all the babies on both of her visits. That seemed to suffice her curiosity.

Amy is actually home tonight, which is a huge blessing as she slept very little at the hospital. The doctor that delivered Aiden is new to Amy's OBGYN practice, is younger and very laid back. She said Amy could head home this evening, once we hit 24 hours as long as we promised to keep tabs on Amy's fever and promised to call the office if she began to feel badly once again. Thankfully, there have been no signs of a fever today.
Aiden's chest X-rays are still abnormal as well as his white blood count is elevated. He is being treated with a more general antibiotic until they hopefully can conclude if he has an infection and what it is or if his lungs are just not fully developed or some sort of combination. A huge praise is that his breathing, which had been at 100 (respiratory rate) came way down today. A normal range is 40-60, thus the removal of the CPAP. We are praying this remains the case! It was an odd feeling to come home tonight without a baby but we know he is in very able and capable hands. We look forward to being a family of four under one roof very soon.
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He has a name...

Aiden Caleb Sasser

New pictures, how we named him (the long process) and an update on Mommy and sweet Aiden to come shortly!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Here he is...

Moments after he was born
Moments ago
Please be praying for his elevated breathing and lungs. It is hard to see him like this. We are pretty sure we know his sweet little name but will share with everyone in the morning. Pray for rest for all the Sassers. It has been a long 20 hours.

Soon to be named...

but not yet! It has been a whirlwind since our little man was born, weighing 6lbs 9 oz and 20 inches long. Kevin and I have maybe been together for a total of 15 minutes as to the reason baby boy Sasser is not named. But he is surely called by name by our Father. Please be praying as he is in the NICU and will be there for at least the next 48-72 hours. Kevin can give you more details later as he has been with the doctors and with our son. However, it seems to be with his lungs. He is on antibiotics and getting oxygen. He will have more tests and X-rays later. He is grunting a good bit. My fever is back over 100 so they are keeping close tabs on me as well. We are so thankful for all the prayers and have felt His peace all day! We will post pictures with his name, hopefully later tonight. Kevin and I are still not together. :)


HE is here! Daddy and baby are with the NICU doctors and I am praising the Lord for our little one! We will give you all the details soon. I got to hold him briefly and he is precious.

Keep praying....

We appreciate all your prayers. We can feel them. The baby's heart rate is high again, probably due to the fact that Amy's temperature is elevated. Pray they would both go down. Amy has gotten three rounds of antibiotics for her low blood pressure. Pray it would go up and stay up. We will keep you posted.

Pitocin Drip

They are starting a pitocin drip since Amy is still at 6cm.
Her blood pressure has dropped a bit and the nauseau is back unfortunately.
Needless to say she's not feeling so hot right now, but she's doing well overall.

Epidural In

1:50- Epidural in

Water Broken

The doctor just checked @ 12:40, 6 cm. Water was broken. Be praying for the baby as it will be a little over 4 weeks early (9/27 due date). Let the fun begin.

Number 2 is On The Way

Amy woke up early this morning, about 2:30am, not feeling well. She had her weekly doctor's appointment ealier in the day and had not felt well since. Not long after waking up she got sick and continued to have chills. We called the doctor after she continued to get sick and they suggested we head to the hospital. We arrived here at the hospital at about 5:20am. Amy was still feeling terrible as she had a high fever and her heart was racing as well as the baby's. They put her on oxygen and started an IV. When we arrived she was at 4 cm. They ordered an EKG as well as chest x-ray, both of which looked fine except for her extremely high heart rate which the aren't sure why. We were recently admitted to the actual delivery room at about 8:30am. Amy is now at 5 cm. Her temperature is down as well as the baby's heart rate. Amy's heart rate is still high but she is feeling much better. She will be checked again around noon. We'll keep you updated. We appreciate all the prayers and Amy has been at peace. The new one is on the way.........