Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm a Big Girl Now

I am continuing to grow up more and more each day. I have learned how to soothe myself by sucking on my middle two fingers, they are my favorite. Mommy puts me down for a nap during the day and I fall right to sleep on my own. I still like to make daddy rock me to sleep at night, it's our special snuggle time. I've just recently learned how to roll from my back to my stomach. I've had the other roll down pat for a while, but I'm proud of myself for learning to do it the opposite direction. I'll roll back and forth on my play mat. My second tooth is officially in. When I smile big, you can see two big white teeth. I've recently moved on to some new foods as well. After eating rice cereal for a few weeks I've just tried oatmeal, peaches, bannans & pears. I'm not so sure about the fruits, they taste funny. When I eat, I've progressed to my big girl high chair. When mommy & daddy aren't feeding me, I like to chew on my toes which I've learned to put in my mouth. I've also been enjoying walks & jogs in my jogging stroller. Not to mention going to my first YL club!
My first YL club! Enjoying some rice cereal.
Check me out in my big-girl chair.

It's a tie between oatmeal & rice cereal. They are both YUMMY!
I'm ready to go for a walk.