Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anybody there?!

We've been MIA for the last month but lots has been going on with our little ones. One thing is for sure Anna and Aiden surely give us something to smile about each day! I realized yesterday I had not picked up my camera in many weeks. This is what I found when I returned to Aiden's room after retrieving it ....
Anna and daddy were having their afternoon phone conversation as he headed home from work. Anna then leaned over the crib and asked Aiden if he would like to talk to daddy. Her words exactly, "You would buddy?!" Sure enough he did! Anna is not only phone savvy but just yesterday she asked if she could skype. Almost daily she will be on her phone and now instead of just talking she will tell me, "I need to send a text really quick." She also will ask about sending an email. Oh the things they pick up and retain! More pictures of our soon-to-be 5 month old and stories of our two-year old. She's had us laughing a lot recently, which is a good thing. "A cheerful heart is good medicine" Proverbs 17:22 We need all the good medicine we can get. :)
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy boy...

despite RSV.

This picture was taken as we sent off Todd and Vanessa at the airport. Aiden has become our little talker as seen in this picture. He loves to make eye contact and chat away with you. His legs are also in constant motion. Our sweet boy is sick. Despite being sick, when awake, he wants to chat and will even smile for you. He is pitiful and having a difficult time breathing. Anna had a cold last week and by Thursday Aiden was congested. It is inevitable that when Anna gets sick Aiden will soon follow as she cannot stay away from her brother. We decided to take them in today as Aiden had a terrible cough and such difficulty breathing despite his bed being on an incline and the humidifier running. Anna thankfully seems to be on the mend but she does have an ear infection. Aiden had an ear infection as well and the doctor wanted to do an RSV test to be safe. It did come back positive. We will be going to the doctor daily so they can keep a close watch on our little man. We are praying we stay out of the hospital. Although we know he is uncomfortable this little one continues to rarely cry. He brings us much joy. He and his sister are complete opposites when it comes to being sick. When Anna is sick there is no sleeping in our household. She is a sensitive little girl and is awaken with a runny nose. We can line her crib with kleenex but she still cries out for us. She wants to "sleep all through the night," in her words but just can't. Aiden is like his daddy. He is a sound sleeper and has been sleeping a good bit since being sick. His mommy is the only one not sleeping as she worries he cannot breathe. He weighed in at about 13 1/2 pounds today, at four months.

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Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

We didn't have any trains but we did have planes and automobiles! The Californians by plane and the Alabamians by car. Anna expected to see a plane parked in grandmommy and grandaddy's driveway when we went to greet Uncle Todd. She looked and looked but she did get to see several planes on their departure as we escorted them to the airport. It was a fun-filled week with her Aunts and Uncles. Although, now she is not the only grandchild but she still stole the show (at least for one more year). Next year Aiden and Elliot might give her a run for her money. Grandaddy did love spending time with his two grandsons and getting them to interact. Aiden LOVED talking to Elliot. When placed in front of Elliot he would begin chatting away. All week Anna was entertained from working on puzzles, reading, playing basketball, dressing up with an assortment of clothing from her dress-up chest to learning how to draw circles. She had some great one-on-one time with each of them and learned all sorts of new things. Thanks Vanessa for working on shapes with our little one! She practices everyday. We only wish they all lived a little closer.
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