Monday, February 25, 2008

6 Teeth to brush

I just go my very first toothbrush now that I have more than 2 teeth. Since I now have 6 teeth, and another poking through, Mommy & Daddy decided I needed to learn to brush my teeth. It's not so bad. It actually tastes good too.

This is my play area in the den.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Quality Time...

My love language is Words of Affirmation but Quality Time is right up there too! This Valentine's Day I was showered with both! We had planned on having breakfast together this morning. This was a treat in and of itself as Kevin is usually at Chic fil A on Thursday mornings. We love when Daddy is home in the mornings when Anna wakes. It means Mommy can stay in bed just a little longer while Daddy greets our precious daughter. We thought our time together would be short and rushed BUT we received an unexpected surprise...SNOW, which equaled Kevin going into work 2 hours later! YIPPEE! We spent the morning enjoying yummy cinnamon rolls, coffee, playtime on the floor with Anna, playtime in the snow with Anna and lots of snuggles! We then met Daddy 2 short hours later for Anna's 9-month check-up where she received a healthy report and three shots. She is still in the 50 percentile in weight and 75 percentile in height. Kevin, like each day has demonstrated love to both his girls today. He has made me feel special, loved and cherished. Thank you for the many ways you have shown me you love me today. Out of all the ways you expressed your love today, when you held Anna closely after she received her shots was the most precious to me. I could see in your eyes you too were hurting and I knew if you could take the pain away you would. Thank you for loving your girls sacrificially, for always wanting to make it better for us. We hope you know it is always better when you are with us! We love you!