Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Night Fun!

Greensboro is home to the US Figure Skating Championship this next week. We know very little about ice skating, but do know this is a big deal. We thought this would be something Anna would enjoy and learned that practices were open to the public and free. The second part was all it took to get us there. We arrived as the Novice Pairs were practicing. Both our children were enthralled as you can tell from the pictures above. The music was upbeat and both sat entertained. Our next form of entertainment came when the Zamboni resurfaced the ice and then the arrival of good friends. Anna and Grayson sat for only a short bit and then worked on their own ice skating skills. Not only was the event free, but was ideal for two excited little girls to move around and have fun together. Aiden eventually escaped the stroller and made his way around as well. A fun evening was had by all.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Laundry Queen...

Often Kevin will refer to me as the Laundry Queen. I just might be giving up my reign to our three-year-old daughter. Although, we have a laundry room, my usual procedure with laundry is to take it into the den to one particular chair and fold it. I then sort it into piles by person. Thus, I can be with the children while I am folding laundry and also the piles usually get put up much quicker as they are visible. Anna has been helping me fold laundry for a while. Over the past several weeks she has really mastered folding washcloths. She has worked diligently to learn to fold them. This morning I took the laundry out of the dryer, but was in the middle of setting-up some morning activities or "school" as Anna refers to it for us to do together. Anna said she would fold the laundry. She called me in when she was done. This is what I found....
Three piles (and an accumulated stack of dryer sheets)
Aiden's pile (changing pad covers, onesies, etc) and a pile of towels/washcloths for the bathroom. I did happen to see her folding the large bath towel. She stretched it out on the den floor and then proceeded to fold it.
Anna's pile...PJs and washcloths. I will note that all these things are much easier for her to fold over a stack of clothes.
But still...a girl after my own heart!
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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cookie Monster

Yesterday morning, Anna and Aiden were playing with the doll house in Anna's room. Since they were playing so nicely, I headed to put a few things away in our bedroom. After a short bit (only minutes), I called to Anna as her bedroom seemed a bit quiet for two little ones. My assumption was right, Aiden was no longer with Anna. I quickly looked around as there was no noise coming from any of the other rooms. When I headed into the kitchen this is what I found...
Box open. Plastic bag pulled out and open. Hand in the bag. Mouth full and Wheat Thin drool all down the PJs. Oh the foods this one has tasted WAY before his older sister ever did. Thank goodness they were the reduced fat ones. ;) Maybe this is why we have such a picky eater on our hands. The love of carbohydrates has started early. A word he learned early on was "waf waf," which is for waffle. Every morning this is the first thing Aiden says when he enters the kitchen. All breads, crackers and yes, even Wheat Thins are also known as "waf waf."
Later in the afternoon, this is where I found the little man. He had climbed up to the table and was stirring up a pretend treat in his cups and then feeding himself. I guess since the Wheat Thins were put away, he had to settle for his imagination. He did this for a good long while. Maybe he is ready to begin using a spoon to feed himself real food!
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Oh those fingers....

One day this week both Anna and Aiden were ready for their naps before normal. Both of them headed to their rooms on their own. Anna of course is able to get in her bed by herself, but as I was putting away laundry I put Aiden in his crib to rest until I could get my hands free to close the blinds, turn on the sound machine, etc. When I walked past their rooms with more laundry this is what I saw....
What you probably can't see is that with their other hand they are gently pulling and rubbing on their sheets. Both of them. However, opposite hands. So funny to me and so soothing to them.
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