Monday, March 31, 2008

Wild Woman...

You would never guess this little girl was feeling under the weather. A bath always seems to perk her up!

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Tick Tock

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You might be wondering what is so special about a clock. About two weeks ago Anna kept pointing to the clock in her room and saying "B" just as loud and as serious as she possibly could. We learned later that grandaddy had pointed the clock out to her on one of his visits to our house. We aren't exactly sure why she said "B" other than the fact that is a sound she has mastered. A few days ago Kevin and I held her up to her clock and repeated several times "clock." She looked intently at the clock and said "bock." She had to concentrate very hard. Now she constantly says, "bock." When she is on her changing table she points and says, "bock." When she wakes up in the morning or from her nap we can hear her through the monitor saying "bock." The clock is above the door in her room so often she points to the ceiling in other rooms and says "bock."

Friday, March 28, 2008

Welcome Home...

Every afternoon a little after 5, Anna and I make our way to the front door.

Sometimes we have to wait a good little bit but it is well worth the wait.

She patiently stands guard and keeps checking for that 4runner

She looks intently when I ask her, "where is daddy?"

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He's getting close...

Hey! (Anna has the wave and "hey" down pat if you repeat it enough times)

It doesn't get any better than this!

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Daddy you make me smile so much....

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that I can't see straight!
(Yes, that is Anna's foot near her chin. This was taken a couple of weeks ago after her bath. She was laughing hysterically at her daddy as he was getting her ready for bed one evening.)
Anna has had some quality snuggle time with her daddy in the past 24 hours. She woke up last night about midnight with cries of angst. We believe it is her one year molars coming in but we went to the doctor today to make sure it is not another UTI (as she has had several of these outbursts recently but usually she can soothe herself back to sleep). Last night Kevin got to snuggle with Anna for a good little bit as he rocked her back to sleep. It is rare that we get to rock her these days so he actually treasured the time spent with her, even though it was midnight. Today at the doctor she snuggled his neck tightly. She already fears the doctor's office and couldn't get close enough to her daddy. I am thankful she has a daddy that loves her so much and is there when she calls.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How we spend our days...

Everyday is an adventure with Anna Catherine Sasser.
One might ask how we fill the minutes of our days.

Anna loves her food, especially bananas. Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, squash, apple sauce and avocados are some of her favorites too!

Anna loves to be outside.

Anna can often be found in one of her four red toy boxes. She has even been known to fall in a time or two as she is intently reaching to pull out a toy!

Anna loves balls, especially rolling them on the tile kitchen floor and then chasing after them. Being in the kitchen is one of Anna's favorite past times. There is just something about clanging her toys on that tile floor, or looking at the pictures on the fridge or seeing herself in the oven.
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Since Anna was just a few months old we would talk to daddy on the phone. She loves to hear his voice on the phone. Most afternoons we wait to greet daddy at our glass front door (I will have to post a picture of this as lots of time is spent during the day looking out our front door. Our across the street neighbor even commented this weekend how much fun she has watching Anna stand at our front door) and often we are talking to daddy on the phone and then he appears at the door. She just shrieks!

Stroller rides...her favorite!

Anna is enthralled with our washing machine and dryer. I can often find Anna peaking her head through the cat door watching the washing machine work its magic!

And of course bath time with Tommy the turtle is still the best part of her day. Anna can be playing in the den in the evening and when she hears her daddy in the bathroom getting her bath ready she crawls as fast as she can to that bathroom. She will even go "speak" to Tommy and Daphney (the duck) throughout the day.

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But the best part of our days is just spending it together!

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My First Haircut...

At 10 months, Anna had her first haircut. Well, really she had her bangs trimmed. Grandmommy insisted that it was time for her to show Anna off to the ladies that cut her hair. Mommy and Daddy agreed that it might be a good idea as they were often pulling hair back out of Anna's eyes. Anna loved all the attention but got a little scared when everyone was in her face.

I promise Mommy is not choking me.

She is just making sure I stay still and don't get cut by the scissors.

So serious...

Maybe one day I will have enough hair for these curlers to go into my hair...

Can I help!?

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Haircut (part II)

A short clip of Anna's first hairclips..

Yah! All done and so pretty!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've Been Tagged...

My dear friend, Millie, has tagged me. Thus, I have to share 7 strange things about myself.

1) It is a treat for me to have my eyebrows waxed! I get excited knowing I have an appointment at the Brow Lounge. Speaking of treats, I had never had a pedicure until I was 25. Now, I get excited about this too!

2) I do not like to get flowers from my husband. Well, at least not on Valentine’s Day. And I am not just one of those girls who says this but really wants him to get them for me. It has taken me a while to really convince Kevin of this. And still he got me flowers for Valentine’s Day this year. But several times he heard how we could have been enjoying a nice meal with the money spent on the flowers. In my opinion it is just being practical.

3) I love clean sheets. If I could, I would have them every night! Although I love clean sheets I rarely put the clean sheets on our bed. I do wash them, but Kevin puts them on our bed.

4) I can’t go to sleep at night if there are articles of clothing in our room unfolded. Yes, even dirty clothes that are on the floor. I know, strange…but isn’t that what I am supposed to be sharing!?

5) Speaking of laundry…I love to turn doing the laundry into a game. I like to see if I can get all the laundry done in one fell swoop. The objective, get everything clean…nothing in the baskets or around the house needing to be washed. Thus, I have been known to take articles of clothing off my husband when I am on my final load of laundry, as I know in a matter of moments they will be going into the laundry hamper. You get extra points if you can keep everything clean for a good 24 hours!

6) Before I married my husband there were lots of foods I thought I disliked but I had never really tried them, either because of their look or texture. Now they are some of my favorites. Pineapple and candy corn are just two.
Finally #7) I am petrified to make returns or exchanges, especially in small stores, non-chains. Thankfully, I have a husband who doesn’t mind waiting in line to get money back for us! I guess I am afraid of what the person might think of me. And since we are on shopping, I might add, I am girl who doesn’t like to shop, especially for myself. Thankfully, I have a husband who will venture out with me.

Now that I have shared those 7 things with you, I will share with you what you are more than likely here to view…..
One of Anna's new favorite things....

Just a day in the life of Anna Catherine Sasser...full of Smiles!

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