Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Surprise....

This Christmas my family received a surprise. We learned that Anna was going to have a...


Yes, this is a picture of the little one growing in my sister's belly. We couldn't be more excited that Anna will soon have a cousin to play with and share life with. Some of my fondest memories growing up are with my cousins. Mary Beth and Carlos were going to share the BIG news Christmas morning but after 10 minutes of being with them on the 22nd I knew my little sister was pregnant. However, we were able to surprise Todd Christmas morning with the news but he was in disbelief that his baby sister was pregnant and assumed it was me, even after I told him that was not the case. Mary Beth and Carlos, we are excited for you both and can't wait to meet this little one growing in you!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Watcha looking at?!

Anna spent her afternoon standing in a kitchen chair peering out the back door looking at this slowly disappear...
The two men that took this tree down were pure entertainment for our little girl. Not to mention the added bonus of the huge truck they brought with them that chopped up all the debris. Anna is fascinated with any trucks these days.
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Saturday, January 17, 2009

In the words of Anna, "brrr....cold."

Yesterday our barefoot loving child walked into the kitchen after her afternoon nap for a little milk. As soon as those little toes hit the tile she asked for her socks over and over again. It must be pretty cold for Anna to ask for something she immediately pulls off as soon as we get home.
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Her first PB&J!

Anna had her very first Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich about a week ago or as she says, "buttr" ( peanut butter) and "brea" (bread).
Inspecting what exactly is in between the two pieces of bread.
Devouring it all and asking for more!
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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just another Saturday morning...

helping daddy assemble a new cabinet (a week or so ago).
Making sure it is sturdy and...
has plenty of room to store things.
Can't forget to take a break, to have a little fun!
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Headed home in 2009…

(I wrote this a little over a week ago but headed to Jacksonville, FL to celebrate Amy’s life before being able to publish it.)

My namesake, who happens to be my great Aunt passed away yesterday. She was much more than my great Aunt. Although, Amy Lee was my grandmother’s younger sister she was a stand in grandparent to my sister, brother and me as our grandparents passed away when we were much younger. She was big Amy and I was little Amy.

It is just like her to go home on New Year’s. She never wanted to miss a party or family gathering and usually she was the one planning the next get together. She was known as the Matriarch of our family. She was an honorary grandparent for both my wedding and my sister’s this summer. She frequently made the trip from Jacksonville, Florida to NC. As we were growing up it was she and her husband, Curtis who would make the road trip but after he passed away she continued to visit, flying here for extended visits. She even made it to my college graduation. She walked the land with my parents at the lake before the land was cleared for our lake house and she helped my mom and I furniture shop when the house was first built. She and her husband Curtis spent many Halloweens with us as we were growing up. I am pretty sure they ate just as much candy as we did, if not more. She loved food and loved to talk about food. Amy Lee had macular degeneration so she had a difficult time seeing. But she would pull us in close and inspect every bit of us and then would want us to make sure she looked okay. Her lack of sight did not stop her, as she was up-to-date on the most recent movies, artists, etc. In fact, not too long ago she went on cruise to Alaska, even going White Water rafting. She rarely said, “no” to anything, especially family. She even made it out on the dance floor at almost all the family weddings. She loved all her family well. She prayed for us fervently. Her friends knew all about us and we knew all about them. She loved to tell stories and jokes. One night Kevin and I even put her on speakerphone so she could share some of her better jokes with our small group.

I have spent the day crying in disbelief that I will not get to hear her voice just one more time as well as smiling as floods of memories I have shared with her came to mind. I have heard her say over and over, “The Lord’s been good to me.” He sure has Amy but we are surely going to miss you. Amy also never missed an opportunity to tell us that she loved us. She would always be very direct and tell us specifically she loved us, using our names. I love you, Amy and am thankful we will celebrate again with you one day.
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