Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3 Day Weekend-Day 1

We spent Friday morning at Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC. I have known for some time it would be a HUGE hit for our little one as it combines her love for animals and ice cream. However, the only drawback of this adventure is they do not have their hayride tours on the weekend. Thursday afternoon I realized Kevin would be off work the following day and it would actually be a weekday and we could possibly go to the creamery. When I called to make reservations they were booked. I believe the lady on the other end of the phone could hear the disappointment in my voice and said she would squeeze us in. We were not disappointed by our time in Julian. We were joined by a homeschooling/4-H group from Moore County. I was amazed at how much you could learn about cows as well as the whole milk production process. Anna loved the baby cows and was even able to help bottle feed one. You will also notice her milking a pretend cow. This entertained Anna for quite some time, she even asked to go back and do it again. At the end of our tour we were each give our own cup of homemade ice cream. Amazingly, Anna ate our packed picnic lunch first before eating her yummy treat. We were thankful to get the tour in while the sun was shining brightly. If you have never been, I would highly recommend visiting with the cows, wild turkeys, hens, kittens, dogs, donkeys, a llama and the wonderful people at Homeland Creamery!
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3 Day Weeknd: Day 2

Anna spent Saturday morning on a mission...her first Easter Egg Hunt! Needless to say it was a big hit! Anna seemed to know exactly what to do. She collected eggs until her bucket was full. Of course each time she would pick up an egg she would shake it to see if it made a sound. At the end of the hunt she was thrilled to discover there were treats in each of the eggs. Many of her eggs had one of her favorite items...stickers! Each week we go to story time with many of Anna's friends. When I share with Anna on Wednesday morning we are going to story time she immediately says, "libary," "stickr." At the end of each story time she makes a mad dash for the back table that contains all the stickers. Often during the movie (the last activity of story time) Anna will say, "off" as she is ready to go and get her sticker!
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3 Day Weekend: Day 3

He has risen; He has risen indeed! Sunday was spent celebrating our Father's endless love for us as he sent his ONLY son to die for each of us. Sunday we celebrated that Jesus was raised from the dead and that he LIVES! We spent the morning at church. Above is a picture of Anna and her sweet friends playing one of Anna's favorite games, Ring around the Roses or better known in the Sasser household as "rosey" or "asher." We then headed to our dear friends house for a delicious meal and fellowship. Not to mention a second Easter Egg hunt in which Anna won the grand prize...a quarter, which was placed in her piggy bank as soon as we got home. Our weekend was packed with fun-filled activities but we were reminded that our true JOY only comes from knowing our Saviour.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ready for her next role!

Almost daily we see exactly what a wonderful big sister Anna will soon be. She loves to take care of her babies. For some time now she has been strolling them, rocking them in her small rocking chair, giving them milk and even soothing them as she makes a pretend crying noise as she quickly pats the baby on the back saying, "shhh, shhh." It melts my heart to see her with her dolls. I can only imagine what it will be like as she holds her brother or sister. Not to mention anytime Anna sees a baby she immediately says, "baby" and makes a beeline to get up-close and personal with the little one. When Anna woke from her nap yesterday she decided it was time for her babies to take a rest. She asked for me to "tur on fan," which we do before we put Anna down at night (turn on the hall bathroom fan). She then asked for "ights off" and "tur on dance, dance" (music on). She then proceeded to crawl up in the chair that we use to rock her, along with her "bankie" (blanket) and began rocking and soothing her baby. She did this for some time as I did various things around the house. At one point I came back into her room to find baby asleep in her crib and Anna working on getting her pink bear to sleep.

Wonder if she will have as much success with getting her brother or sister down to sleep?! When asked if she wants a brother or sister, she quickly responds each time, "brudder."
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