Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Avery Grace

Finally a name and finally some pictures of our sweet girl from her birth day! We have had two full names (first and middle) for the past 24 hours picked out. One continuing on with the initials A.C. and the other a name that we have both loved for a long time with some meaning behind the names. After much consideration, which I know is evident in the amount of time it took us to reveal the name, we have decided to use the first names of both. Here is Avery Grace from yesterday!

Monday, April 2, 2012

She's Here

It's a girl!!!!! Our little girl was born at 11:54. She is healthy and beautiful. She is 20 inches long and weighs in at 7 lbs 12oz

Go Time

We are at 10. Time to Go!


Contractions picked up even more, about 2 minutes apart. Epidural was just put in. Catherine is the nurse, and she is great. She bumped us ahead in front of another patient to get the epidural sooner.

Status Update

I'm back at the hospital now. Amy sent me to work for 2 hours. The pitocin drip has been increased twice. Contractions are about 3 minutes apart and getting stronger. They were planning to break Amy's water within the next hour but it just broke on its own. Things are seemingly progressing quickly.

The Wait Begins

We checked in at 6:30. We had a little wait with 5 admissions ahead of us, all walk-ins in labor. We are now in our room with pitocin drip on. The doctor checked and Amy is at 4cm. The wait begins......

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finally here....

well almost. This little boy will soon be a big brother and Anna will have another little one to love on.

I would have never of guessed that five weeks ago tomorrow when I checked out of the hospital that February would pass, then all of March and we would be welcoming this little one in April. We have surely seen God's faithfulness throughout the last month. But after spending a lot of time at the doctor's office for twice a week non-stress tests in addition to regular visits, feeling pretty crummy and having little energy, not to mention just being on stand-bye for over a month, we are ready to meet him or her. I told Kevin this weekend I have made at least five "last" grocery runs before the baby arrives, cleaned our house for the "last" time more than I care to count, gotten things laid out for the children and more or less just lived our life in limbo for the last five weeks that I am ready for tomorrow to arrive. This baby has made it full-term. Woo hoo! This past Wednesday I was 40 weeks, so tomorrow AM we are headed to the hospital for a 6:30am induction. Who would have guessed?! We will keep you posted!

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