Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fredericksburg Here We Come

This past weekend we made our first long road trip, heading to Fredericksburg. The trip typically takes 4 hours, but this time it took us 5 1/2. It's funny how much your schedule and frame of mind change when travelling with a baby. Taking a nap in the cradle.
The next door neighbors, McKenzie & Emma who were EXTREMELY excited to meet Anna. They even helped change her diaper.
My highschool buddy Ray and his wife Amy stopped by to visit. This is their youngest daughter Eva.Ray's other daughter Ana, helping Granny feed Anna.
Taking a snooze with Grandpa.
This past week we went with our small group to play putt-putt at Celebration Station.
Charlie Potts & I hanging out between holes.
Amy showing off her skills with the putter while holding Anna.
We also had a visit with our friends the May's. Unfortunately Emily was not home to meet Anna and Anna became too hungry for Joseph to get a chance to hold her.
Our future babysitter Kate holding Anna. Seth May showing he has the touch with kids.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

Celebrating our first Father's Day together. We even made it to church for the first time!
The best mommy in the world.

Bathtime is sooo... much fun. Little Anna loves her time in the tub. We have taken a few of these recently. It is very relaxing to her, so relaxing that she likes to relieve herself during bathtime. :)

Some people may think we are horrible parents, but we do let Anna sleep on her stomach. It's actually the only way she would sleep. Her neck muscles are so strong that she can lift and hold her head up and move it from side to side. She also likes to scoot around in her crib. Each time we go in she has moved sideways or up to the top of the crib.

Chillin' in my bouncy seat with Grandma Enjoying some soy milk with Grandpa.
Getting some much needed R&R with Auntie MB

Tyson is back home with us temporarily. His jaw is broken but they think it can heal on it's own. He looks pitiful with his eye closed up, and his tongue hangs out since his jaw is a bit crooked. He is actually doing really well if Tucker would stop attacking him. We desperately need to find a new home for each of them. If you know of anybody.
It's too bad Matthew is so much older.... isn't he cute. :) And he even has two cute brothers, Ryan & Garrett
"Uncle" Ryan visiting from GA

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tough Decision

After talking again with the vet today, Tyson's jaw is definitely broken. It almost certainly is going to require surgery. We decided to let him spend the night at the vet last night and tonight where they can care for him well. The situation has become difficult since we are trying to find him a home. Keeping both of them has already been difficult while trying to take care of Anna. If we proceed with the surgery we would have to nurse him back to health for quite some time while caring for a child. We are now faced with the tough decision of whether we should have the surgery or have him put to sleep. It's not an easy one to make.

Monday, June 11, 2007

When it rains it pours

This weekend has been a tough one for the Sasser family. After switching to soy formula, we thought we had the sleeping issue licked, until Anna started having severe gas. So much so that she did not go to sleep on Friday night until 5AM & Sat night until 6AM. Friday night I stayed at our house with my parents to begin a home renovation project first thing Sat AM while Amy stayed at her parents house to stay out of the mess. I was able to get a good night sleep, but Amy was not. As with most home projects, this one did not go without it's frustrations and holdups. Last night Amy & I slept at her parent's house and my parent's slept at our house with Anna so we could get a good nights sleep. For some reason we tossed and turned all night long, not sleeping well. Then we got a call this AM from my parents about one of the cats getting hurt. I rushed down here to find that a safety gate had fallen on Tyson. He was bleeding significantly from his eye, nose, & mouth. His pour little eye was popped out. We rushed him to the vet where they were able to put his eye back in and sew it shut temporarily. The prospect of him being able to see again are very slim. We're waiting to hear back from the orthopedic specialist about his jaw which they think might be broken as well. Tyson is spending the night at the vet and then we'll be bringing him home tomorrow. Please pray for us. I have had high hopes and good ideas for new posts recently, but unfortunately this is all I can manage. Please pray for us. We are VERY exhausted and overwhelmed.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Formula, formula, formula

How much can formula cost anyways? Amy's sister volunteered to pick us up some to try and see if that would help soothe Anna's stomach. We didn't know that the cost would be $30 for one container. What we tried was a hypo-allergenic formula. When Anna turned up her nose to it, we realized that we had wasted a bit of money. She wouldn't even take a sip. The reason we explored this route was because Anna was continually getting fussier, esp. at night, straight from 11PM to 4AM. That left us with no sleep and her feeling horrible.

We finally were able to talk to our pediatrician who thinks she has acid reflux and is lactose intolerant. He put us on a medicine for the reflux and told us to discontinue breastfeeding and use soy forumula. Below is a picture of the formula we picked up tonight. Since we started her on this last night she has done SOOOO much better. She'll actually lay down for naps. We are very thankful that she is doing better now. God is good. Unfortunately the formula isn't as kind to our wallet. :)

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sleepless nights

Unfortunately the sleepless nights have continued. We expected a lot of tired mornings from sleep deprivation, but we were not prepared for the nights of her staying up straight from 11PM to 4AM. No matter what we do, nothing seems to soothe her. We have had a few of those and last night was one of them, as was Wednesday night.