Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ocean Isle Here We Come!

Anna took her first trip to the beach this past week.
We went to Ocean Isle with some friends.
It was very relaxing. Anna did great.
She didn't play much at the beach, mostly slept at the condo,
but she did get to put her feet in the sand/water and loved it.
She also got in the pool for her first time.
Anna also had another round of shots on Monday.
She cried hard, but settled down quickly. She's a good patient.
She's definitely sore, and has been sleeping it off.
She is up to 13 lbs 11 oz (50%) & 25.5 inches long (75%).

And.... her first tooth just popped through this AM!
We also gave her first round of rice cereal tonight (pictures to come),
which she thoroughly enjoyed.
It has been a busy couple of days for little Anna.
Enjoy the pictures from the beach...

Vacation=Quality time with Daddy

I loved rocking on the porch, especially when there was entertainment.
Telling daddy a bedtime story
Soundly sleeping on the BEACH!
What the future holds...
Headed to dinner
There was even a spa where we stayed...
well, daddy pampered me!
Headed to the pool
Relaxing before my first dip
Hmmm...a little chilly
Hey Maddie! What do you think?
Mommy I told you it was cold!
Day 2 at the Pool
I surely love my fingers
and my mommy
and my daddy
and the sand!

ready to jump the waves
here it comes
what a day!
those eyes make mommy and daddy melt!
I can't wait until next year!